New and Updated Categories

The 2020 Charles S. Roberts Awards for Excellence in Conflict Simulation voting is now open through July 31, 2021.
Have your voice heard by placing your votes.

There are new categories and some changes to existing categories.

Best Ancients to Medieval Era (1453 and before) Board Wargame
Best Early Gunpowder (After 1453 to 1793) Board Wargame
Best American Civil War Board Wargame  
Best World War 1 Era Board Wargame (1914-1933)

Best Late Gunpowder to Pre-World War 1 (excluding American Civil War) (After 1815 to 1914)
Small Format Boardgame has its maximum map size increased to A4 or American Letter size
Best Wargame Review or Analysis now can include podcasts, webcasts, or websites.

Votes can be submitted online at or a PDF ballot at can be downloaded and mailed in. 

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